Beyond the Vows

a photography experience for married couples


T  H  E      P  U  R  P  O  S  E


What if, even after your wedding day, your wedding vendors were working hard to pour into the marriage that they witnessed you begin?

That's exactly what we hope to do with Beyond the Vows. 

We don't want our bond with you to end after the wedding day is over. The reason we leave the security of a day job, and plunge into pursuing our own business, is because of you. Yes, we love weddings. But even more importantly, we love, support, and are fighting for the marriages that they represent.  

We invite you to come experience a photography session that will allow you to spend quiet time with your spouse, and remember why it was you said those wedding vows in the first place. We want you to remember holding hands, nervously speaking those words in front of your closest family and friends, as you pledged your lives to each other. We want you to feel those same butterflies in your stomach, the same tingles down your spine as you hear the words

"husband and wife."

These sessions aren't about us. They aren't about fancy hair + makeup. 

They are about you. They are about your marriage. 

We want you to remember WHY you chose to vow your life to another, through good + bad, through mountains, through valleys. Through the difficulties that life throws your way, and through all of the joys that it brings. Through beautiful children, through life-altering loss, through birthdays, through fights, through seasons of uncertainty, through fits of laughter, through tender forehead kisses.

We invite you to come as you are, no matter what season of life you're in, and celebrate your marriage.  

T H I S   I S   G O I N G   B E Y O N D   T H E   V O W S . 

And we are so excited. 

              Two different photographers.

              Two different photographers.

                     One shared passion.

                     One shared passion.

                     Two different styles.

                     Two different styles.


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Shouting a great big THANK YOU... It was so much fun to escape for the afternoon, just my husband and myself, and get to reminisce on our younger years, before babies, when it was just the two of us (although, our babies are all we talked about the whole day anyway, hehe). [Everyone] made us feel so comfortable, and asked us the sweetest questions to bring us back to our beginning (and to also realize all we’ve accomplished together) while capturing all those feels on camera... So to all my married friends, please do yourselves a favor and sign up for this event! Seriously, when is the last time you had photos done with just you and your husband / wife? And it’s not just photos, it’s a super fun experience that allows you and your spouse to take a quick break from daily life and focus on just the two of you.
— Brittany, BTV 2017