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My name is Mallory and I'm the owner + main photographer at Mallory McClure Photography. I've been married to my high school sweetheart, Ryan, for almost 8 years and in those beautifully sweet years I have learned more about life than I ever could have imagined. We settled down in a quaint little house in the country and have been remodeling and quietly turning it into our own sanctuary. We have also added two adorable little humans, Natalee + Emmet, to our crazy wonderful life and I have to say, life has been a beautiful blur.

They have all taught me a lot about truly living life, giving love, and how spectacular marriage can be. And, they have blessed me even more. Because of them I have been inspired to devote my entire art to other couples on the same journey I began all those years ago. It is my passion to give couples not just beautiful photographs of their adventure to becoming husband and wife, but to invest in them afterwards by providing an experience that allows them to remember all the reasons they fell in love in the first place and what gives them the butterflies they felt the first time they laid eyes on one another on that special day.

With Beyond the Vows I can do just that. I get to encourage you as you continue your journey and invest in your marriage. I get to help spark those warm fuzzy feelings and help you embrace and celebrate how far you've come since the day you said "I do". I have fallen more in love with my husband over the past 8 years that I can't even put into words how much I love that man. And that's what I want for you. To feel a love so strong it's an obsession. A passion. A feeling that you can't explain because it is just so beyond your control.

I cannot wait to share this amazing experience with you + help to celebrate your marriage! I mean how amazing is it that we get to share our lives with another person who continually provides unconditional love + support every day? Something like that needs to be celebrated!

This past weekend we took some time to do something we never ever do, celebrate us. I can’t even articulate the feelings behind these photos, or the experience. It was as easy as breathing to feel comfortable in front of the lens with Mallory McClure Photography using her peaceful voice to bring true feeling to light. The estate was absolutely gorgeous and serene, and the company wasn’t too bad either 😉. I can’t speak highly enough about the experience and I hope many more take the opportunity to showcase their love for each other and join the #BeyondTheVowsMovement.
— Linda, BTV 2017